Survivor annuity — 7-year employee, terminal cancer


Q. My husband has been a federal employee since September 2005. He is suffering from Stage IV cancer and will not make the 10-year mark. What survivor benefits are applicable to me and my two teenage daughters?  What should I apply for upon his death?

A. If he dies while still an employee and has less than 10 years of service, you would be entitled to a one-time lump-sum payment ($30,792.98 in 2012), plus a lump-sum which equals the higher of one-half of his annual basic pay or one-half of his high-3, plus any Social Security benefits and Thrift Savings Plan benefits to which he would be entitled. If your children are under age 18 (22 if in college) or disabled before age 18, they would be entitled to children’s benefits of $487 each per month in 2012.


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