Re-employment, benefits and sick leave


Q. I retired from FERS on Dec. 31, 2006, and returned to work on May 10, 2009. I am receiving both my salary and my full annuity. Both Medicare and Social Security are being deducted from my paychecks, which is fine.  I am receiving my full entitlements from Medicare and Social Security. I am 70 years old. Will my benefits be re-evaluated when I return to retirement status, which will be on or around May 10, 2014?

Also, as a retired annuitant, will my sick leave be adjusted to my time in service, and will I be able to draw a lump sum of any leave occurred that I have not used? I plan on having 360 hours of leave to cash in.

A. Because you are receiving both your full salary and your annuity, when you leave government again, you’ll receive a lump-sum payment for your unused annual leave; however, by law, you won’t get any credit either for the time you were re-employed or any unused sick leave. Your annuity will be unchanged. Except for the salary you received and that lump-sum leave payment, it will be as though you had never returned to work.


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