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Q. I am an Air Force employee under FERS and have bought back my military time, which includes Reserve active-duty time. My Reserve active duty was done mostly in periods of a few days at a time without any regular schedule, and I was often on duty only three or four days a week. I was on a separate active-duty order for each period of a few days. All my Reserve active-duty days total to 1,625 days. I have received a Certified Summary of Federal Service from the Air Force that credited me with four years, five months and nine days of Reserve duty. It appears that to get four years, five months and nine days from 1,625 days, they must have calculated with a year of 365 days with 31-day months. I understand there are specific rules for calculating intermittent service. Since I was employed intermittently for my Reserve active duty, should they not have used a year of 260 days for determining my creditable service?

A. No.


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