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Q. I have been under CSRS since 1983 with the USPS. I was sent home from the National Reassessment Program claiming no work available and have been in the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs since April 2010. I’ve been through vocational rehab training and still cannot find work. I am struggling financially, and I need to know which one will benefit me more: the VERA/$15,000 incentive or disability retirement.

A. I can narrow the field for you. First, because you have a disability such that you are or would be eligible for disability retirement, you are barred from receiving a Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment. Second, as a CSRS employee who has more than 21 years and 11 months of service, there wouldn’t be any dollar difference between the annuity you’d receive if you retired under the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority or retired on disability. What would be different is this. If you were approved for disability retirement, you’d have to provide evidence every year that you were still disabled until you reach age 60.


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