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Q. Because I have serious health issues and am getting my paperwork together for FERS disability, my command disapproved my Family and Medical Leave Act request for this year because I have missed so much work. I had no choice but to request the MRA+10 retirement and retire within 30 days, as my letter of reprimand stated I must be at work “full time” and I am facing several surgeries, and this would be impossible. I retired June 1, with 25 years of service. I know I have up to one year to file my disability paperwork, but due to the circumstances of my being “forced” to retire or be released from federal service, am I eligible to file for unemployment?

A. As a rule, anyone who retires is ineligible for unemployment benefits. If you are separated from the government without retiring, you may be. You’d have to check with your state’s employment office to find out if you would qualify.


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