FERS supplement requirements


Q. To obtain the 30 years needed to qualify for the FERS Supplement, can I use only actual time employed under FERS, or can I also use time employed under CSRS that was bought back by doing a redeposit, and can I also use military time that was bought back? I am under FERS code 8 retirement system and will retire shortly under FERS with the minimum of 30 years required, but I want to make sure I can use any and all federal employment to make sure I qualify for the FERS Supplement before I retire. I have reached my MRA. I will be doing the MRA 30-year immediate retirement.

A. Yes. The special retirement supplement is paid to anyone who retires under the following circumstances: at their MRA with 30 years of service, at age 60 with 20 years of service or on early voluntary or involuntary retirement when they reach their MRA. Note: The SRS will be based solely on their actual service under FERS. CSRS service or other service for which a deposit is made can’t be included when calculating the SRS.


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