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Q. If I take deferred retirement after MRA but before 62, can I re-enroll in my BC/BS plan (that I have participated in for more than five years) later? Does that date have a time limit? I ask in light of this:

“If you separated from federal service after reaching the Minimum Retirement Age with at least 10 years of service but postponed the commencing date of your annuity to reduce or avoid the age reduction, you are eligible to re-enroll in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program and the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance program if you participated in the program for the five years of service immediately before you separated from federal service or continually from your earliest opportunity.”

A. You are asking about a postponed annuity, not a deferred annuity. You can retire under the MRA+10 provision and postpone the receipt of your annuity to reduce or eliminate the age penalty, If you have been covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits program for the five continuous years before you retire, you’ll be able to re-enroll in it when your annuity begins. Deferred annuities are available to only those who leave government before they meet the age and service requirements to retire but do meet them later. Deferred retirees cannot re-enroll in FEHB.


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