FERS annuity and VA disability payments


Q. I’m receiving FERS Retirement Annuity payments (with survivor/spouse payments).

I paid the deposit to have my military years (four years) added to my FERS annuity calculations. I may start receiving VA disability payments due to a service-related injury. Can I collect my FERS annuity payments and my VA disability payments concurrently? Will my benefits (health insurance, survivor payments, etc.) continue after the VA disability payments are received? If I receive both FERS and VA disability, are there any changes in FERS annuity payments, federal health coverage, etc., that would affect my wife’s medical coverage, survivor payments or FERS life insurance? I’ve looked in the questions and answers but can’t find this exact situation answered.

A. Yes, you can receive VA disability payments and a FERS annuity with no reduction in either. Doing so will not affect your or your wife’s other benefits.


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