Buyouts and annual leave


Q. In the last buyout the clerks had for $15,000, one of our clerks took that and said that she got paid for the holidays after her retirement date if her annual leave would have taken her through those dates. Back then, the retirement date was the end of November and she got paid for Christmas, New Year’s and Martin Luther King Day. Does this benefit apply all the time when a person retires, or is it just when a buyout is offered?

A. Yes. Unused annual leave is projected forward as if you were still on the job and paid at the hourly rate in effect at the time. For example, if an across-the-board pay increase occurred, any hours of unused annual leave that fell on or after that date would be paid at the new hourly rate. Note: No credit is given for step increases you would have received if you were still on the job.


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