Incomplete buyback and resignation


Q. A former federal employee was making his buyback through payroll deduction and still owed approximately $2,500. He was suspended indefinitely and, after several years, resigned. He was never given an opportunity to pay the lump sum to max his buyback. He was led to believe it would be taken out of his unused leave. Will he still be able to pay a lump sum or at least get credit for the amount he already contributed?

A. He will neither be able to pay a lump sum to complete the deposit nor get credit for the amount he already put in. Unless he returns to federal service, his only option is to request a refund. He can do that by going to, clicking on Find Form(s), downloading a copy of Standard Form 2802 (CSRS) or 3106 (FERS) and sending the completed form to OPM. The address is on the form.


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