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Q. July 2009 was my official government start date. However, I was a contractor to the government in the same agency prior to this time, from April 2005 to July 2009. I was credited service time for leave by the executive officer for the time I worked as a contractor. Therefore, on my SF-50, line 31 lists my service date (leave) time as April 2005. Do I get credit toward retirement for the April 2005 date? How can I confirm what service date applies for pension? Can I access this? Or is the SF-50 the only source which confirms I will receive the extra years as part of my retirement pension determination?

A. While your agency was able to give you credit for leave accrual purposes, that doesn’t alter the fact that your service computation date for retirement purposes is the date you entered on duty as a federal employee. You’ll have to go to your personnel office and ask them to show you where your service computation date for retirement is noted.


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