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Q. I retired under CSRS on a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority at age 46 with 26 years of service. I’m considering going back to work with the agency from which I retired. I’m still under age 55 (53 years old). What benefit would returning to full-time work be for me? Can I retire again any time after 55? Will my additional years apply to my retirement the second time around? What happens to penalties previously taken on early retirement?

A. If you return to work for the government, your annuity will terminate and you’ll be treated as if you had never retired. Although you’ll start with a zero balance of annual and sick leave, your annual leave accrual rate would be the same as if you hadn’t retired. You wouldn’t be eligible to retire again until you meet the age and service requirements, in your case age 55 with 30 years of service.


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