Windfall elimination provision


Q. I am 68 and retired from the federal government. My annuity payment is around $53,000 a year before taxes. I have 37 quarters.

The organization in which I worked most of my life didn’t participate in Social Security. We had our own pension plan, thus my 37 quarters.

How much would my monthly Social Security payment be had I earned 40 quarters?

I am not sure if I fall under the windfall elimination provision. How will I be affected? Will my SS check be based on how much I paid into the system? My first 20 quarters were earned when I was young and not making much money. The last 17 were in the last few years, when I was earning the maximum.

A. If you earned three more credits, you’d be entitled to a Social Security benefit. However, that benefit would be subject to the windfall elimination provision, which would reduce — but not eliminate — that benefit. To get a better idea of what your benefit might be if you had 40 credits, go to or use SSA’s online calculator.


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