Health insurance following 6c disability retirement


Q. I am a federal law enforcement officer with four years of service in a 6c covered position. I was injured in the line of duty and my agency is unable to accommodate me in another position, so I am being medically retired. What are the health insurance options for me and my family after my disability retirement?

A. Assuming that you are enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, as a FERS disability retiree you will be able to continue that coverage. Note: When you apply for FERS disability retirement, you must simultaneously apply for Social Security disability benefits. If you don’t, OPM won’t process your case.


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  1. I am looking for any information on the 6C covered FERS medical retirement. I have 10 years of service and was severely injured in the line of duty. How do I calculate what money I will make from here on out? Any help on the whole process is greatly appreciated! I am in the very beginning of this whole process.

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