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Q. I was in the Air Force title 10 from July 1977 to April 1992 (14 years and seven months). I was in the Air National Guard title 32 from June 1992 to June 2006 (14 years). I retired from the Guard title 32 and am receiving a retirement check. I now have a civil service job, and human resources is saying I can purchase the title 10 time toward retirement. If I purchase the title 10 time, will I have to forfeit my title 32 military retirement? Also, if this is correct, how would the 14 years benefit my retirement from FERS?

A. Your HR is right. You can make a deposit for your period of active-duty service and get credit for that time in your annuity computation when you retire. Each month of bought back service would be worth 1/12 percent (1 percent per year). Making a deposit would not affect your entitlement to reserve retired pay.


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