Special retirement supplement and early-out


Q. I am a postal employee in FERS. I received a document from my human resources department, which states that my retirement eligibility date is May 19, 2016 (I was born in 1960). Does this mean I will receive the special retirement supplement even though I began employment with the Postal Service on Feb. 8, 1988, which only gives me 28 years of service time? I thought the FERS annuity supplement had the requirement of 30 years service time and age 56 for me. I have to make a decision by Dec. 3 as to whether or not to take the early retirement offered to me.

A. If you accept an offer of early retirement, you would be entitled to the special retirement supplement when you reach your minimum retirement age, which in your case is 56. Regular retirees are only eligible for the special retirement supplement if they meet the following age and service requirement: age 60 with five years of service, 60 with 20, at their MRA with 30 or, with an age-based reduction in their annuities, at their MRA with 10.


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