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Q. I am a rehired annuitant. My Earnings and Leave Statement shows my hourly rate as $13.41. But the section “Your Pay” consists of “Gross pay is figured at $8.84 per hour” (which is the amount after my annuity is deducted from my wages). All of my correspondence (SF-50) shows $13.41, and rehire papers show an hourly wage of $13.41.

Why doesn’t my Earnings and Leave Statement show me making the $13.41 per hour and then show my annuity as a deduction from my wages? If it showed wages at $13.41 as a seasonal employee, I would be eligible to draw unemployment on the $13.41 amount. But the way my Earnings and Leave Statement shows only $8.84 per hour is what the Unemployment Office looks at and pays accordingly.

Therefore, I am being punished twice by way of the annuity deduction and the lower unemployment payment.

A. Your wages are what you actually receive. It’s the amount on which your paycheck is based, not what you would have received but for the legally required offset of your annuity. You can’t get credit for an amount that you were never paid.


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