Part-time re-employment


Q. I am a federal employee under FERS and plan to retire from my current job at full retirement age and then continue working. Would I be able to work full time or part time for another federal entity without negative consequence? I’ve heard that there are new provisions being contemplated to allow retired federal employees to return to work part time in federal employment?

A. There is a new law, but it doesn’t apply to someone retiring from one agency and moving to another. It only applies to an employee who retires and continues as a part-timer in their same job, generally in a mentoring capacity. Since it is an agency option, you’d need to find out from your agency if such an arrangement would suit them. Note: There are limited opportunities for a retiree to go back to work for the government either full time or part time while receiving both his annuity and the full salary of his position. Only the agency with whom you’d like to be employed can tell you if a position in which you are interested is one of them.


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