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Q. My husband is a retired FERS employee and I am a current CSRS employee. I am covered as a family member under my husband’s self-and-family coverage. My husband did not elect a survivor annuity. I plan to retire the end of this year. What happens to my Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage if he dies before me? Will I be able to continue the coverage based on my own eligibility, even though he did not elect a survivor annuity? If I elect self-only coverage during the next open season, the change is not effective until Jan. 13, while any changes to my husband’s coverage would be effective Jan. 1.

A. If your husband were to die before you, you could continue that coverage. If you were still employed, the premiums would be deducted from your pay; if retired, from your annuity. There wouldn’t be any break in coverage, and you could, if he died, switch to self-only at that time.


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