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Q. I am a Postal Service employee. I am taking the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority that is being offered. My mandatory last day is Jan. 31. The USPS only gives credit for full months of service plus years. I have 23 extra days of service time and one day of extra sick time. I am only getting credit for half of my sick time. Is there any way to get that 24 days to a full month? My statement was prepared in October so some sick leave will accrue. My retirement computation date is June 8, 1985.

A. Although you didn’t realize it, you’ve already done that. Here’s why:

Any actual days of service that don’t add up to a full month are converted into retirement annuity days. Each of those days is 5.79+ hours long. That number is derived by dividing the number of hours in a work year (2,087) by 360 (12 30-day months). Those 24 days of actual service will convert to 184 hours, giving you an additional month, with some hours left over.


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