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Q. I’ve been given the opportunity for an early retirement at the Postal Service in January, but I probably won’t take it. I’m in FERS. If I retire at my minimum retirement age of 56 in August, will I also be able to get the special retirement supplement without the Postal Service offering a monetary incentive to retire? What I’m trying to determine is whether the supplement is only offered under certain circumstances.

A. The special retirement supplement is paid to FERS employees who retire on an immediate, unreduced annuity when they reach their minimum retirement age. The following age and service combinations qualify for the SRS: 60 with 20, MRA with 30, and early retirement at 50 with 20 or at any age with 25. MRAs range between 55 and 57 depending on the employee’s year of birth. The presence or absence of a buyout has no effect on a retiree’s entitlement to the SRS.


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