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Q. I am contemplating retiring Dec. 31, Jan. 2 or Jan. 3. I am not sure how the CSRS annuity check is computed. Based on a full month? Or if I retire during the month, is it prorated, or is that month lost.

1. When does my CSRS pension start if I retire on Dec. 31? Do I receive an entire month’s (January 2013) pension check? When would I receive it?

2. If I retired on Jan. 2 or 3, when would I receive my annuity check? Is it prorated for January?

3. Also, since the leave year ends Jan. 12, would it be advantageous to retire on that date? When would I receive my annuity, and would it be prorated?

A. 1. If you retired Dec. 31, you would be on the annuity roll in January with a benefit payable Feb. 1. When you actually began receiving your annuity would depend on two things: when your agency got your paperwork to the Office of Personnel Management and when OPM processed it.

2. If you retired Jan. 2 or 3, you’d be on the annuity roll in January, but your annuity for that month would be reduced by 1/30 for every day you weren’t retired.

3. If you retired after Jan. 3, you wouldn’t be on the annuity roll until February, with the first annuity payment due March 1.


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