Q. I’m 50 and have 21 years of federal government service under FERS. If my agency offers Voluntary Early Retirement Authority next year, which I expect it will, I’ll probably accept. My high-3 average is $100,000, I’ll have 22 years of service, and my Thrift Savings Plan is around $200,000.

1. Can I receive my FERS annuity ($22,000/year) as soon as I officially retire, without penalty?

2. Can I receive FERS supplemental annuity from when I’m 57 (minimum retirement age) to 62?

3. Can I receive my Social Security from as early as 62 (or, if I choose, 67 or 70)?

A. 1. Yes.

2. Yes

3. Yes, you can begin receiving it at age 62 when your special retirement supplement ends or postpone its receipt to a later date.


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