Service computation date and FERS


Q. I want to receive the 1.1 percent enhanced multiplier of 20 years of retirement at age 65 versus 1 percent. I started work May 9, 1993 (service computation date is May 28, 1992). I will have 360 days’ sick leave when I retire.

I realize only half of my sick leave is computed for retirement purposes before 2014.

I would like to retire either April 7 or April 21, 2013, but only if I get full credit for 20 years of service under FERS. Do I have to wait until May 9, 2013, to qualify for 1.1 percent enhanced multiplier (20 years), or can I qualify for an earlier date by adding sick leave? (I will be 65).

A. No. Unused sick cannot be used, only actual service.


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