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Q. I’m applying for a VA position as a GS civilian (Catholic priest).

I’ve been in military service continuously since Feb. 6, 1994, and still serve in the Air Force Reserve. I have a DD-214 that documents 12 years, eight months and four days of active military service.

In my VA application, I’m being asked to report my service computation date.

For the purposes of my VA application, is my SCD the same as my Total Active Federal Service Date in the military? My TAFSD is 12 years, eight months and four days ago, Jan. 13, 2000 — but that date changes every day, since I’m not serving on active duty.

I also have a Total Federal Service Date in the military, which will remain at Feb. 6, 1994, as long as I continue to serve in the Reserve.

I’ve never held a federal civilian position. Given my circumstances, what date should I report as the SCD on my VA application?

A. All they want to know is your period of active-duty service. No credit is given for reserve time.


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    • As for ADT, weekend drills don’t count toward your SCD nor do the annual two-week active duty for training periods, which are treated as if you were still on the job. I’m not sure what you mean by AT.

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