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Q. I left the Department of Justice in 1999, after working as a civilian for five years. I returned to DOJ in July. On my first day back, my agency told me my accrued sick leave would be reinstated to my account as soon as they got my personnel jacket from the Office of Personnel Management.

I am now being told that my personnel jacket does not contain any information about how much sick leave I may have accrued in the 1990s. They asked if I have my final pay stub, which I do not. They also cannot locate this final pay stub electronically.

What are the next steps for me? I know I have a lot of sick leave accrued from that first position at USDOJ. I’d like it back.

A. If your agency retrieved your personnel jacket from the National Personnel Records Center, then you’ll have to go back to your former agency to find out if they can reconstruct your sick leave history. If your agency didn’t do that, you can go online at and click on Civilian Personnel Records. That’s where you’ll find instructions on how to access your prior service records.


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