Calculating retirement from part-time work


Q. I’m in CSRS. In the 1980s, I worked part time for a few years, and my SF-50 shows part time, 32 hours a pay period. I saved all of my leave and earnings statements, which show that I actually put in 70 hours per pay period. How will this service be viewed for retirement calculation purposes? This situation doesn’t fit into an electronic calculator!

A. The method used to compute part-time service is at Scroll to Part 55B2.

Although this applies to FERS employees, as the result of a recent court case, it also now applies to CSRS.


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    How does one get copies of lost leave and earnings statements?
    My SF50 shows that I worked part time, 20 hours a pay period earlier in my career but I was given 36 hours each pay period to work but I can’t prove I worked those hours it because those leave and earnings statements are missing.
    I’m a civilian employee and preparing to retire and would like copies to prove those extra hours.
    (I know I’d have to pay back this time, it’s prior to 1989)
    These hours worked were back in the early 80’s. I know if I can prove I worked those hours I can pay back anything prior to 1989. This would bring me closer to my retirement.

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