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Q. I was a term employee for one year and my term expired on Dec. 19. I was a GS-6 Step 7. I got an offer for a temporary position Jan. 11, but it comes with a $7,000 reduction in pay, and I was informed that it was management’s choice on whether to honor my previous salary. Can they do this? I am doing the same job that I was doing before, just for a different organization on the installation. My biggest concern is that I am disabled veteran over 30 percent, as well as on the spousal priority placement program, so if I decline this temp position, I knock myself out of the running for a permanent position.

A. There is no requirement that an agency match your previous salary level. You can negotiate with them to see if the amount they originally offered could be increased. Just as they have the option of setting the pay for that temporary appointment, you have the option of accepting or rejecting their offer.


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