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Q. I am retired military with 27 years in. Since that time, I have been a civil servant and am coming up on my 10-year anniversary under FERS. My service computation date is Aug. 10, 2003. I am planning to resign from my civil position Dec. 31, prior to my 62nd birthday. (I was born Dec. 11, 1952.) I plan to ask for a lump-sum check for my unused accrued leave. But it looks like I will not gain anything for having been such a healthy individual and that my many days of sick leave will simply go wasted. Is my sick leave balance used in any form to accrue additional deferred benefits or can I get paid for my unused balance?

A. If you leave your retirement contributions in the fund when you leave, you’ll be eligible for a deferred annuity. However, deferred annuitants receive no credit for their unused sick leave. FYI: If you stayed on until your 62nd birthday, you’d receive full credit for that unused sick leave in the computation of your annuity.


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  1. Sheri J. Abraham on

    I am trying to determine how I would request to have my SCD date re calculated. I worked for the AF and prior to that the Army. The AF said the Army HR calculated my information wrong which they did not. The AF didn’t have all of my records. Is there a location I can go to and have my date re calculated? Could I have requested that they did not attempt to correct my SCD date without discussing with prior branch HR? Where can I go to check the status of a ticket for my SCD date?

    • You’ll have to wait until your personnel records catch up with you. However, on the off chance that some of your records have gone to the National Personnel Records Center, you can check with them by going to http://www.archives.gov/st-louis. On that site scroll down to Personnel Records, Quick Find and click on Civilian Personnel Records.

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