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Q. I am a CSRS employee, and I already qualify for an immediate retirement. I plan to retire on May 3 at 4:30 p.m. On the retirement application (SF 2801) under Section B, block 2 is called “date of final separation.”

I entered May 3 because it is at the end of a pay period. Will I receive eight hours of annual leave since my last work day is at the end of the pay period. Will my first retirement check come on June 1 since I retired during one of the first three days of a month?

A. If you retire at the end of a pay period, you will receive credit for any annual and sick leave earned during that period. If you retired no later than May 3, you’d be on the annuity roll in May and entitled to your first annuity payment June 1. However, you wouldn’t receive it then because the sending of your retirement application by your agency and the Office of Personnel Management’s processing of it would take longer than that. And when the processing had been done, you’d be placed in interim pay, retroactive to June 1. Your full annuity amount would be determined after that. When it was, you’d receive any additional pay you were due retroactive to June 1.


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