Military buyback for nonfederal jobs


Q. I am CSRC, and I retired from the reserves in late 1996. Recently I found out that you can buy active-duty time for training and apply it toward years of service.

On My AHR form 249-2-E (chronological statement of retirement points) in column 8, active-duty points, after subtracting the time I bought (Navy active duty and Desert Storm), I have 442 points, or days. Is this time eligible to be bought and applied to my retirement? I am the veterans program manager for my agency in the state of Alabama and the answer to this question will be, and is, of interest to our veterans.

A. You may make a deposit to get credit for periods of active-duty service only if you are an employee of the federal government. You’ll find the definition of active-duty military service and the conditions for getting credit at Accumulated points aren’t relevant to the crediting of active-duty service.


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