Promotion after moving agencies


Q. I started work with the Defense Department on March 14, 2011. I was a GS-7 with full promotion level to GS-9. I was promoted March 25, 2012. I had applied for a job and took that job August 26. The position is with the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is a GS 9/11. I came onboard as a GS-9 thinking I would be promoted in March to GS-11.

My supervisor has rated my 90 days as fully successful. I asked about promotion. He is saying that his boss is telling him that I need 52 weeks on station before getting promoted. Is there a regulation on this, or is it B.S.?

A. There isn’t anything unreasonable about an organization wanting to wait until you’ve put in more than 90 days of fully successful performance in your new position before promoting you. If your agency has specific rules about promotions, ask to see them.


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