Retirees, Medicare and the 'creditable plan'


Q. I am retired with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and will be signing up for Medicare Part A soon to avoid penalties for Part B and Part D. Does my BC/BS meet the “creditable plan” requirement to avoid penalties? I have been told “yes and no” on the phone by Medicare. If I sign up for an HMO with a lower cost, will I meet “creditable plan” standards if I drop Federal Employees Health Benefits? Can I re-sign up for BC/BS later if I don’t like the coverage?

A. The “creditable plan” feature you’re referring to only applies to those who are currently employed or are covered by a family member who is employed. It doesn’t apply to retirees, regardless of the plan they are in.

If you drop your FEHB coverage, you can’t re-enroll in it unless you return to work for the government in a position that allows you to be covered by the FEHB program.


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