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Q. I am a FERS employee with serious medical issues. If I apply for a disability retirement, I will be required to submit an application for immediate retirement. According to the instructions on this application, most annuities begin the first day of the month after separation. How does this work if my request needs to be approved by Social Security? If it were denied by Social Security, then what would happen to my annuity?

A. Because you are a FERS employee, if you apply for disability retirement, you must also apply for a Social Security disability benefit. Your receipt of a FERS disability annuity isn’t contingent on your receiving a Social Security disability benefit. If you are approved for the disability annuity and not the disability benefit, you’ll continue to receive the disability annuity.


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      • I’m age 60 FERS new retiree. I have not received my retirement pay yet. I applied for social security disability only not FERS disability retirement. And, was approved by the Social Security administration for disability (SSD). When I finally receive my FERS retirement pay it will include a FERS supplement that bride the gap until age 62 for social security. Am I eligible to receive that supplement? And, am I required to notify OPM I was approved by the Social Security administration I was approved for disability? Or, is it done automatically?

        • Because you didn’t retire on disability, your annuity and special retirement supplement won’t be affected by your receipt of SSDI. You don’t need to do anything.

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