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Q. I got hired by the Postal Service on July 6, 1985. I’m not sure what retirement system I was with then. On Jan. 1, 1987, I was automatically transferred into FERS. I was hired by the FAA and started work there Oct. 3, 1988. I resigned from the USPS on Oct. 2, 1988, so I wouldn’t have a break in service. My service computation date for retirement shows Oct. 3, 1988.

How come my SCD for retirement isn’t July 6, 1985? I’m still employed with the FAA. I always thought my total federal government time would be from the time I was hired July 6, 1985, for my retirement.

A. You need to check with your personnel office to be sure it is aware of your previous service. If you were having retirement deductions taken from you pay, your period of Postal Service employment would be creditable for retirement purposes. If they weren’t, you’d have to make a deposit to the retirement system to get credit for that time.


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