Emergency-essential law enforcement officers


Q. I am an 083 series DA police officer nearing retirement. I believed the retirement requirement for federal law enforcement officers was the same as federal firefighters in that retirement was mandatory at age 57. Our SF 50s indicate that we are not emergency-essential, but our installation says we are and maintains requirements as though we are — e.g., we cannot be released when the post shuts down early for severe weather, we work weekends and holidays, and we are expected to go to work when the installation is closed and winter driving advisories are in effect. What federal and/or civil service regulations cover the retirement and management of law enforcement officers and firefighters?

A. The retirement eligibility provisions are at www.opm.gov/retire/pubs/handbook/C046.pdf. Provisions dealing with the management of LEOs and firefighters are likely to be agency- — and even activity- — specific. You’ll have to check with your servicing personnel office.


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