Remarriage and deceased spouse’s retirement


Q. If I remarry, will I lose my husband’s civil service retirement? He passed away almost four years ago, and I receive spousal retirement from him. I am also a civil service retiree and get my own retirement.

A. No, you won’t, unless you remarry before age 55. If you do, your survivor annuity will be terminated. It can be restored if your marriage is dissolved by death, annulment or divorce.


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  1. delinda montague on

    My deceased ex husband was retired civil service employee after 30 years. I was married to him for over ten year. I remarried but am now divorced. There was no mention of retirement in the divorce. Am I eligible to receive his retirement now?

    • Because this is a site for federal civilian employees and retirees, we aren’t able to answer your question. You’ll have to call the personnel office in the jurisdiction where you late husband worked.

  2. Diana Sarnicki on

    My husband died 15 months ago, he was 70 and had been a csrs retiree from a disability for 20 years. As his widow I am the beneficiary, and also on Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Plan as my secondary insurance. In the future if I were to remarry, would I lose the Beneficary Monthly payments and tha BCBS insurance.. Thank You

  3. I have a friend who was married to a post man. They divorced and order said she would receive part of his pension. My friend never received anything. What should she do he retired 15 years ago? Second question does it matter that she recently remarried she was over 55

    • If her court order was properly filed with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, she’d be entitled to whatever the court ordered. She needs to write OPM at the following address and ask them to check their records:

      U.S. OPM
      Court Ordered Benefits Section
      1900 E Street, NW
      Washington, DC 20415

  4. andre courtemanche on

    if i was to remarried , after my wife pass. and i marry my second wife and i pass does she get part of my pension? and benefits?

    • Yes, if you elected a survivor annuity for her within two years of that marriage. To pay for that benefit, you’d have to make a deposit to the retirement system and have your own annuity reduced to pay for that benefit.

  5. I’m widow of retired military and USPS and am 57, will I lose ANYTHING were I to remarry? Also if in the event of my remarriage will my spouse be entitled to my annuities/benefits upon my death? Thank you.

    • As for your civilian survivor annuity, you wouldn’t lose any of that benefit if you remarry; however, that benefit ends with you. Your new spouse wouldn’t be entitled to a survivor benefit if you died before him. Nor would he be able to continue any health benefits coverage you provided him under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Since this is a site for federal civilian benefits, we aren’t qualified to answer your question about military benefits.

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