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Q. I’m looking to retire sometime this year. I turn 66 on April 2, have 13 years at the Veterans Affairs Department, from which I withdrew funds. I worked in the private sector until 1995, when I started working for the Postal Service. I am under CSRS Offset, and I have essentially bought back my four years in the military. So the total years at the Postal Service would be 18 years + 4 years military = 22 years. Can you explain to me how the offset will apply to me? Will I be able to receive Social Security?

A. At retirement, your CSRS annuity will be offset by the amount of Social Security benefit you earned while a CSRS Offset employee. You can estimate what that would be by using this formula: Social Security benefit estimate x your total years of Offset service divided by 40.

Since you have already reached your full Social Security retirement age, you can begin receiving that benefit now, even if you are still working.


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