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Q. I worked with the government for about five years with the Peace Corps and then I was a personal services contractor for about four years (2000-2004) with the U.S. Agency for International Development. I then joined USAID as a foreign services officer doing the same job I did as a personal services contractor. USAID credited my Peace Corps time. I would like my four years as a personal services contractor with USAID to count toward my retirement since I was doing the same job that I did as a foreign services officer. What can/should I do?

A. You can’t do anything. That service isn’t creditable.


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  1. I was personal service contract also @USAID/Manila.
    We were under local social security and USAID pays our employer contribution which is FICA.
    Can I pay a deposit for that service ?

  2. Hello Mr. Jones,
    Please help me understand this. Hoping for your understanding.

    USPSCs are not eligible to contribute to retirement services managed by OPM (i.e.,TSP) Instead, USPSCs may make pre-tax contributions to a 401(k), but will not receive any matching contributions from the agency. USPSCs who are retired direct- hire employees of the US Government may collect retirement benefits from OPM-managed programs when they are eligible, however.

    Thanks, Mr. Jones

    • I’m not familiar with U.S. Postal Service staffing arrangements, so I don’t know what a USPSC is. I also don’t know the difference between a USPSC and a USPSC direct-hire. As for “retirement services managed by OPM,” it is only responsible for retirement and health benefits, not the TSP which is managed by another agency of government. Finally, I’m not sure what you want to understand.

  3. I think he means U.S. Personal Services Contractors (USPSC). Quite a few of these are in the Phillipines, from different cases I have read on, where they appeal trying to get CSRS Retirement Benefits from OPM. All the ones I have read were denied as not eligible for CSRS Retirement Benefits. It looks like these were temporary employees of the U.S. Government, and were either never covered under CSRS or not long enough to be eligible for retirement benefits. You can search non-Precedential cases on for OPM and see some of these cases. There appear to be a lot of them.

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