Term appointment and tenured career employee


Q. I was hired by the Department of Defense on a term appointment NTE on Feb. 18, 2011, which was extended beyond that date to my conversion to career conditional June 5, 2011. Does my term appointment count toward my three years to be considered a tenured career employee?

A. Yes, assuming retirement deductions were taken from your pay.


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  1. I was hired with DHS on a term appointment, under a 30% vet. (108/MMM). After two years, I was converted to a career-cond appointment. Does my time under the term appointment count towards my tenure? plus could I have served less than two years to be converted as well.

    • Because retirement deductions aren’t taken from the salaries of term appointees, that time isn’t creditable for determining length of service nor can it be used in the computation of an annuity. Further, a deposit to get credit for that time. Note: You’ll need to check with your agency to find out if they have a rule covering the time needed to be in a term appointment before conversion. Regardless, conversion depends entirely on the agency’s needs and the availability of a slot that needs to be filled.

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