Retiring in the middle of the month


Q. I am in CSRS. I want to retire Jan. 11, 2014, as I will be on a mission trip out of the country from Christmas until Jan. 9, 2014, and I would like to get paid for my unused annual leave for 2012. I understand that I will not receive a retirement check for that month since it is past the third day of the month. I have had Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage since Jan. 12, 2009. Does that qualify as five years of health coverage? What will happen to my health coverage for the rest of January as I won’t receive a check for that month?

A. If you have been enrolled in the FEHB program for the five consecutive years before you retire, you can carry that coverage into retirement. You don’t have to worry about the premiums for January. They’ll be deducted from your last paycheck.


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