Rehiring after involuntary retirement


Q. I am a FERS retiree on a discontinued service retirement/involuntary because my agency was closed in 2012. I have applied and will interview for a permanent part-time economic assistant position with the Department of Labor.

I’m trying to determine: 1) Will I remain retired if I get and take this permanent part-time position? 2) Can I receive my full annuity and this part-time salary, or is my salary reduced? 3) If my salary is reduced, how do I calculate the reduction? 4) What other benefits are there of taking a part-time position in my case? For example, how much extra retirement time would I earn, etc.?

A. Because you retired involuntarily, if you returned to work, your annuity would stop and you’d become a regular employee. When you retired again, your annuity would be affected by the amount of that part-time work. While you’d get full-time credit in determining your years of service, the annuity you earned would be prorated to account for the part-time service.


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