Federal law enforcement officer working past age 60


Q. Can an 1811 who doesn’t have 20 years and is 60 or older continue to be employed as an 1811 without the president’s approval? I have noticed plenty of 1811 employees were hired in their second law enforcement career when they were 47 to 50. Some of the 1811s will not have 20 years of covered service until they are 67 to 70. The bulk of these employees are former United States Secret Service employees previously covered under the Washington Plan and are receiving their full retirement benefits since they worked for that agency for 20 years.

A. Yes. According to OPM, you can continue to work until you have reached the 20 years needed to retire as a law enforcement officer. The age limit applies only to law enforcement officers who already have 20 years of covered service. Note: The fact that someone is already receiving full retirement benefits from another retirement system is irrelevant.


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