Reserve training and creditable service


Q. I am retiring at the end of June at age 62 with 25 years under FERS. I also retired in 2003 from the Army Reserve after 22 years. This includes six months of active duty for Operation Desert Storm. I repaid the required amount to receive credit for this six months, which is included in my 25 years.

I know I do not get credit for my weekend drills. But can the two-week annual trainings that I took each year (for about 20 years, amounting to about 40 weeks of full-time active duty for training in the Army Reserve) count toward my FERS retirement credit?

A. No, they don’t. You were granted those periods of active-duty service, with pay, while you were working for the federal government. (See 5 U.S.C. 6323(a), which provides 15 days per fiscal year for active duty, active duty training, and inactive duty training.)


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