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Reg Jones was head of retirement and insurance policy at the Office of Personnel Management. Email your retirement-related questions to fedexperts@federaltimes.com.


  1. Dear Sir,

    I was injured badly in 1984 and have been on owcp since then, I was injured on the job , with the postal service, before that I spent 3 years in the miitary, its going on 2016 and I will be 56, I was told I am entitled to retirement and every year I wait after 30 years I get another percentage towards my retirement if I elect not to take it until 62 or later, I am asking is this true, I want to be sure that I am not getting the run around as its important to be sure I can get the most I can while I have been on owcp I had a surgery and was given tainted blood overseas I developed aids which nearly killed me, I JUST NEED TO BE SURE that my remaining days I will not have to worry about medicine and money thank you sir.

  2. Hello, I have been on OWCP for quite sometime: since 2005. I worked for the Department of Defense for 16 years before I was unable to perform my job requirements. I will be 55 soon; February 2019. I recently had a total shoulder replacement: November 12, 2018 and still in physical therapy, for at least 2 more months. I am receiving 2/3 compensation since I am not married anymore. I assuming I will have to go back to work, part time. If so, for how long and when I am able to retire how much will my pay be reduced? 30%? Just wondering. Thank you.

      • Hello Mr Jones,
        You answered a question back in June 4, 2013 : I have been on OWCP for five years. I am 50. Do the years I’ve been on OWCP count toward my OPM retirement? I can retire at age 55. And you replied : Yes. Is retire-
        ment disability treated the same?

        • When you reach age 62, your FERS disability benefit will be recomputed as if you had worked to age 62. Therefore, you actual service will be added to the time you spent on disability. The total time will be multiplied by 1.1 percent That figure will then be multiplied by your high-3 salary on the day you were found disabled. That dollar figure will be increased by any cost-of-living increases paid to FERS retirees since you retired on disability.

  3. Hello, I have been on OWCP for 14 years now finally received a total shoulder replacement November of 2018. I am 55, I am assuming OWCP will want me to go back to work. If I choose to go on SSN how would I figure how much I would receive? Go through SSN? How long does OWCP Pay last? Till I can collect SSN? Thank you.

      • Mr. Jones
        I’ve been on OWCP almost a year, not sure if my doctor going to release me or just continue with OWCP. I have other health issues as well. November 2019, I will have 30 years of service. My question to you: should I wait to submit my disability retirement papers until my 30 years anniversary? Or does it really matter if I submit it now?
        Thank you in advance

        • That’s a tricky question that can best be answered by OPM, which can access your file. Give them a call at 1-888-767-7638.

    • Workers compensation benefit can be terminated if medical evidence is submitted that indicates you no longer meet the criteria to receive them.

  4. Christian Price on

    My father served 4 yrs in the Air Force and 20yrs civil service with DOD. He was injured on the job and was on OWCP for the last 16yrs. He passed away at 58. I’m not exactly sure what my mother should do?

    • Your mother will need to call the Office of Workers Compensation and the Office of Personnel Management and let them know that her husband has died. The phone number for OPM is 1-888-767-6738. She’ll have to check her local phone book to find out which OWCP regional office to contact.

  5. I separated from my job on OPM disability , Is it possible to switch to OWCP ? The disability was job related.

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