Reserve service and buyback


Q. I am a retired reservist receiving retirement reservist pay. I am also a FERS employee getting ready to retire. I’ve already paid the FERS deposit for two years of active military service. I also have DD-214s for four months of basic training and nine months of active service for attending the transportation officer in residence school. I need to know 1) can I pay a deposit for these two periods? 2) most importantly, will this reduce my reserve retirement? 3) must I sign a military retirement pay letter, even though I assuredly do not wish to waive my reserve retirement pay?

A. If you were called to active duty in the service of the United States during those times, you can make a deposit for them. Your agency personnel office can tell you how to find out what you would owe. Making a deposit for active-duty service does not affect reserve retired pay, nor will you have to waive your reserved retired pay when you retire.


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