Retiree Medicare and FEHB


Q. I’m about to turn 65, am a CSRS retiree, and receive Social Security annuity. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield as my primary insurance, with Tricare as secondary.

1. Do my BC/BS premiums remain the same, or do they decrease?

2. Will my Medicare Part B premiums be taken out of my Social Security annuity?

3. I am being told that my Tricare coverage will be voided if I do not subscribe to Medicare Part B. Is this true?

4. Where/how do I sign up for Medicare coverage? I’ve received numerous advertisements from private companies in the mail which are not affiliated with the U.S. government.

A. 1. Your BC/BS premiums will remain the same.

2. If you enroll in Medicare Part B, the premiums will be taken out of your Social Security benefit.

3. What you heard is correct. If you don’t enroll in Medicare Part B, you cannot be covered by Tricare.

4. Call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.


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