Reassignment, discontinued service retirement and unused sick leave


Q. I’m in FERS and being reassigned. I will have 35 years in on Oct. 5 and have six months of sick leave that I’d like full credit for which I know isn’t until January. I will be eligible for discontinued service retirement as the job they offer is out of my area. I want to retire, not move to the new job. I will turn 59 on Sept. 30. If I go to the new job and retire Jan. 11 to get sick leave credit, will I lose the DSR and have the reduction due to being under 62? They give me 30 days to decide and am supposed to be at my new job by Sept. 9. Is there any room for negotiation to leave me at my present job until January or grant me full sick leave credit since it’s a redirection?

A. If you move to the new job, you won’t be eligible for discontinued service retirement. While you can always ask to stay on your current job past the cutoff date, it’s unlikely that you’d still be eligible for a DSR. Finally, your agency has no authority to grant you full credit for your unused sick leave, nor does anyone else.


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