Re-employment and the special retirement supplement


Q. I am losing my job effective Sept. 30 because the agency I work for is closing the field office I work in. I am a FERS employee and will have 27 years and three months of federal service. My age at closure will be 57. I will be placed in discontinued service retirement status. I have been informed that I will be receiving a FERS supplement even though I have less than 30 years of service. If and when I find another federal job, what happens to my FERS supplement? Also, if I lose that job for any reason, will the FERS supplement be reinstated (even if I still have less than 30 years of service)?

A. When you retire, you’ll be entitled to an annuity and the special retirement supplement. If you find another federal job, the salary of your new position will be offset by the amount of your annuity. The special retirement supplement will be reduced or eliminated if you exceed the annual Social Security earnings limit, which is $15,120 in 2013. If you lose that job, the SRS will be reinstated and continue until you reach age 62.


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