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Q. The Postal Service has sent me a letter stating advance notice of my being reassigned because of reorganization, transfer of operation. If I am offered a position outside of 50 miles of duty station, would I qualify for discontinued service retirement? The Office of Personnel Management states DSR rules on commuting as 50 miles. If it’s over 50 miles, could I retire under a DSR and receive an unreduced annuity and the special retirement supplement? Would I have to wait until I got my separation papers, or could I put in for retirement once I got my reduction-in-force notice? I have over 25 years under FERS and am eight months shy of age 60. They have not offered a position yet.

A. The 50-mile figure is an absolute limit. It depends on the commuting area set by your agency, which is based on part on the area they use to recruit employees.

To take a discontinued service retirement, you would need to wait until you received official notice that your position was being eliminated and that no other position was available. When you applied for retirement, your agency would then attach the required paperwork, which would guarantee OPM’s approval of your retirement.


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